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We Make Critical Connections: Infants, Toddlers, and Educators

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We know babies and toddlers are amazing – and that infant-toddler educators are too! Built on the ZERO TO THREE Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators™, this day of learning is designed to inspire and inform early childhood professionals. Learners will explore why babies and toddlers are amazing and identify the competencies that educators can implement in their moment-to-moment interactions to support their healthy development and learning. When educators fully recognize the capabilities children have, it radically changes the way they see and interact with them. Early childhood educators are critical contributors to every child’s well-being and success and have tremendous ability to nurture and support each child’s full potential. This professional learning experience encourages educators and those who support them to see themselves as being on a continual learning journey, as a member of a learning community, intent on exploring the essential skills and competencies vital to promoting the healthy development and learning of babies and toddlers. Over the course of one day, learners will explore three themes from the Critical Competencies curriculum:

1. Social-Emotional Development: The Foundations of All Development and Learning
2. Cognitive Development: Babies are Born Learning
3. Language and Early Literacy Development: Communicating in the First Three Years

6.00 Hours



ZERO TO THREE Professional Development

Course Category

Early Childhood Education

Individual Learner

Domain 1. Early Childhood Development  (2.5 Hours)
Domain 3. Relationship-Based Practice  (2.5 Hours)
Domain 5. Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness  (1 Hour)

ZERO TO THREE Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators™

SE-1 Building Warm, Positive, and Nurturing Relationships (1 Hour)
SE-2 Providing Consistent and Responsive Caregiving (1 Hour)
C-1 Facilitating Exploration and Concept Development (1 Hour)
C-3 Promoting Imitation, Symbolic Representation, and Play (1 Hour)
L&L-1 Promoting Language Exchange (1 Hour)
L&L-2 Expanding Expressive and Receptive Language and Vocabulary (1 Hour)

Direct Service Staff
Directors, Supervisors, Managers, Coordinators
Direct Service and Management Roles
Home Visitors
TA Providers (coaches, mentors, consultants, etc.)

Young Infants
Mobile Infants
Young Toddlers
2 year olds
3 year olds
4-5 year olds

Learning Objectives

• Recognize that every aspect of young children’s well-being and learning is dependent upon the quality of relationships and interactions with the primary caregivers in their lives
• Gain understanding of babies’ and toddlers’ emotional intelligence and social awareness and understanding of other people.  
• Explore the innate drives, tendencies, and cognitive capacities that allow children to build knowledge through observation and exploration, to reason and to problem solve. 
• Gain understanding of and recognize young children’s interest in and capacity to engage in communication exchange over the first 3 years and natural capacity for language learning. 
• Identify key role and behaviors of early childhood educators that promote babies’ and toddlers’ emotional intelligence, regulation, and social capacities.  
• Identify key role and behaviors of early childhood educators that promote babies’ and toddlers’ cognitive capacities. 
• Identify key role and behaviors of early childhood educators that promote babies’ and toddlers’ language and early literacy capacities. 
• Build knowledge about additional considerations for educators when supporting the development and learning of young children learning multiple languages and those from vulnerable populations.

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